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We have a toyshop in our bookshop! Housed with our childrens’ books is a fantastic range of children’s toys from pocket money stretch-men to giant plush Giraffes. As with our books we stock toys that we know children love, learn and have fun with - nearly all have been road-tested by our own three children! Here is a small selection of some of the wonderful brands we stock. If you are a nursery or school we will be happy to help with selection and ordering.

Fidelia £7.50

Butterfly or rustling little flower? Fidelia is both! Made of cotton/polyester & foam with a little bell - induces hilarity in 6 months +

Klick Klack £4.99

Fantastic wooden articulated clicking clutch toy in rainbow colours. (6 months +)

Sophie La Giraffe £14.50

Made from natural rubber and food grade colourants Sophie is the perfect squeeky, grabbable, chewable companion from 0 onwards!

Mini Micro Scooters £54.95

In our opinion the world’s best scooter for under 6’s! We stock Pink & Blue. The Mini’s big brother - the MAXI MICRO in purple & pink has now arrived. At £94.95 this is the same great design beefed up for 6 years +

Giant Giraffe £69.99

A beautiful plush Giraffe standing at 4ft tall - makes a wonderful addition to any child’s nursery. Possibly our most huggable toy.

Pop-Up £7.99

It’s hard to beat the all round greatness of this toy for 12 months plus. Push down the four wooden faces for jack-in-the-box style fun; take them out and colour match them to their slots; start counting. Brilliant for hand/eye co-ordination.

Tack & Hammer ‘On Duty’ £13.99

Create pictures by hammering tacks into wooden tiles on a cork board. Fantastic fun for over 3 years - we have both vehicle and general geometric shaped versions.   

Pound-a-Peg £7.99

Pound the eight colourful wooden pegs into the wooden frame, then flip it over to repeat the activity again and again! Included are a wooden hammer and four pairs of pegs- great for colour matching and hammering fun for 2 years +.

Super Spirals £4.99 - plus lots of other craft activities

We have a whole range of craft activities for both boys and girls ranging from bendy sticks and super spirals, to sparkle jewellery and bouncy balls - all at a great price of £4.99!

Playmobil Police CarryCase £9.99

We carry a great range of Playmobil from £1.99  - this Carry Case contains 32 pieces including a Policeman, Motorcycle, and Thief.

Tip-It-Toby £10.99

We love WOW toys - great for 18 months +. Tip it Toby is a friction-powered truck with realistic engine sounds, a rattling boulder and a tip bucket to unload with automatic spring action.

Penny’s Pooch-n-Ride £10.99

We love WOW toys - great for 18 months +. Penny is a friction-powered car with realistic engine sounds, a removable dog, basket with fixed puppies and a trailer hook.  

Shopping List £7.50

A great game for 2-4 players aged 3 to 7 years. Race to fill your trolley - be the first to fill your trolley with all of the items on your shopping list, in this best-selling memory game. Come in to see our full range of great games.

Charades for Kids £10.99

This classic game of Charades is designed especially for children to help them learn and play. With both words and picture clues mean that whatever age you are, this game is great fun for the whole family!

Papo Figurines from £4.50

Wonderful French-made figurines for imaginative play from 3 years.

We have knights & warriors with horses, orcs, mutant warriors, magicians, skeletons, ghosts, kings and queens, fairies & elves with unicorns and ponies and a fantastic range of dinosaurs!